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July 8th, 2010 · No Comments

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Cute Young 19 y.o. Girl Cheating On Her Hubby

May 1st, 2009 · 14 Comments

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The man behind Shady PI was cheated on by his wife and he’s made it his life’s mission to bust other women doing the same thing to their boyfriends and husbands. He’s gotten pretty good at it and he figures the ultimate revenge on these women is to post their videos online. Today’s clip is one example of that. The clip begins with a hot brunette and her new boyfriend walking through a parking lot towards the car that will take them back to the house where she will cheat on her boyfriend. The girl has only been married for a year but she hooked up with her husband at 18 so she clearly wasn’t ready for anything long term. Sadly for him she’s cheating with some dude in his bed!

The hot chick is captured by four different cameras in the bedroom and cutting the clips together they’ve created a hot voyeur video that shows her being the whore that she is. The hidden cameras show her falling onto the bed and waiting for her man to get undressed. They show her sitting on his very large dick and taking it into her pussy. They show her moaning and groaning like a sexy slut as she gets pounded hard. You can tell she’s totally connected with this guy, lost in the lust that she feels for him that she clearly doesn’t feel for her husband anymore. It’s probably heartbreaking for him but at least he knows that she’s been cheating on him and this hardcore voyeur movie is all the proof he needs.

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Moores & Whites

October 29th, 2008 · 3 Comments

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Cayden and Evan have been married for nearly half a decade now and she’s just not interested in him anymore. She confesses to him that she’s no longer hungry for sex with him because he just doesn’t turn her on. He’s stunned by the admission but she has a plan to make things all better. See, the couple that lives next door has always been a little wild and kinky and Cayden believes that she can get them to agree to swing. The only question is whether or not she can get her husband to go along with it. The couple is coming over for dinner that night and while the guys are playing pool Cayden tells Ricki her plan and the girls go about putting it into action.
While their husbands are banging the pool balls around the girls start making out, swapping spit passionately to get the attention of their well hung men. That sort of thing can’t easily be ignored and the guys are soon staring over at them with their jaws hanging open. Now that they have the men turned on it’s time to spring the swinging plan on them. Obviously the guys aren’t going to say no; look at how hot those two sluts are! They pair off with their new partner and then the fantastic fun unfolds with hardcore sucking and fucking in the living room. The swinging couple gets to try something new and it’s hardcore fun for all of them.

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My Girlfriend Is So Cute When She Sleeps…

July 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Every man fantasizes about fucking a sleeping chick, right? The idea that there’s no hassle involved and you can just poke her pussy and fuck her mouth to your heart’s content is an appealing one. Sometimes we just want to fuck a lady without having to deal with the emotional consequences involved. The folks at Sleep Creep understand your desire and they’ve put together one of the finest sleep sex sites on the web.
Today’s hot video features Shawna Lenee resting comfortably in bed. The guy walks in holding a camera and we see her sleeping gently. She looks so beautiful and innocent when he pulls the covers off and exposes the soft sexiness of her body. She’s wearing a white top and little white and green striped shorts as he rubs his hands over her arms and down her legs. We get our first look at her pussy when he pulls those shorts aside and exposes her soft lips. She keeps it shaved down there, making his job a lot easier.
Shawna is a hot porn slut so even in her sleep she’s ready to suck cock. When the dude pulls out his dick and rubs it over her lips she instinctively opens and allows him to slide inside. He takes advantage of her wet mouthy and fucks it, getting hard in the process. He spits on his fingers and rubs them on her pussy but she’s already pretty wet so I’m guessing she was having a dirty dream. She finally wakes up when he’s fucking her doggy style and instead of being pissed she has a sweet smile on her face and she thanks him.
Amateur Porn
Sleeping Sex

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Wild Happy Hour Thursday!

July 11th, 2008 · No Comments

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Have you ever wondered where the party sex sites find all those girls willing to suck dick and get fucked on camera? This is the greatest benefit of the proliferation of porn in the world. Porn has become mainstream so now women are under the impression that they can get famous or at least get the attention of men if they take off their clothes on camera and in some cases if they fuck on camera. The folks at Hardcore Partying know this is the case and they make sure to invite the kind of loose chicks that will get naughty on camera.
This particular party takes place in a bar and there are business men, hot chicks, young guys and a few mature sluts hanging out and drinking. Oh yeah, the other thing that’s really important for these sites is lots of alcohol. Nothing gets chicks loose and ready to play like tons of booze. The scene begins with us just watching them chug beer and down shots but it soon escalates to much more than that. Soon naked titties are out and nipples are being sucked.
From there it doesn’t take long for all the hot sluts to get nude and for pussies to be eaten and dicks to be sucked. People are standing around and cheering for the girls willing to get naughty on camera and you have to appreciate them, you really do. There’s plenty of fucking as well and the girls are showered in cum at the end of the scene. It’s all good.

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See My Wife

July 10th, 2008 · 5 Comments

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See My Wife is one of the few sites that features real wives and does it in a high quality manner. It’s one thing to run a site with user submitted videos and it’s another thing entirely to filter those videos and choose only the hottest, porn quality women. Most sites make you do the sifting and it can be annoying as hell. Here they choose for you and they make sure only the most beautiful married sluts on the planet are allowed to take part in the site.
The thing I like about the site is that the women are so loose. It’s a fantasy fulfillment kind of thing. I’d love to be married to or to date a woman that was thrilled to be filmed sucking my cock or getting fucked. They’re pretty good about picking really hot chicks too. In one video there’s a gorgeous brunette babe with big, perky tits that models a maroon lace slip for her husband and even does a sexy dance for him. I guess she really likes the size of his cock and the way he fucks her with it.
In another video we watch a hot blonde having just gotten out of the shower sit on the toilet. Before she goes to the bathroom she kicks her man out of the bathroom but shortly thereafter we see her on the bed with her legs spread getting fucked. She has the finest body of any of sluts I’ve seen on the site but it’s like picking from the finest supermodel at Fashion Week. They’re all great.
Amateur Porn
HouseWife Sex

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This bitch really fucked me over and Im just hurting over her…

July 8th, 2008 · No Comments

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At Real Ex-Girlfriends they take submissions from members and fans that feature hardcore videos of chicks that have since broken their hearts. Today’s video stars Kylee, a cute blonde chick with a lovely natural body. Apparently she’s not all that nice though as the guy fucking her is pretty pissed since he was dumped. The email he sent them when he sent the video is full of rage. Anyway, it’s an awfully hot clip.
When you watch Kylee suck his dick you’ll see why he dated her for so long. When a girl can give head like that you don’t even consider breaking up with her until she’s tried to kill you in your sleep. She uses her mouth and her hands effectively, sucking him deep and stroking the rest of his shaft at the same time. She also does that great thing where she looks up at the camera with those lustful eyes and practically begs for his cum while she’s tonguing his boner.
In the video they’re in the living room and after she sucks his cock she gets on her knees on the couch and lets him take her pussy from behind. He puts the camera down a few feet away and it captures their passionate amateur fucking from a perfect angle. You can see her pretty face as she looks back at him and you can see his big dick driving into her tight pussy nice and hard. This girl digs a hot hardcore fuck and he knows how to deliver.
Amateur Porn

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Diamond Girl

July 4th, 2008 · No Comments

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Money Talks is a different kind of porn site. They’ve combined the wild stunt driven aspect of Jackass with the usual fucking of hot chicks to bring you downloadable videos that will make you laugh, make you double over in sympathetic pain (like when someone gets their balls tasered) and will give you a boner. The first half of each scene is loaded with the stunts and the comedy bits and then they get to the hardcore action.
This particular scene begins with a guy stripping to his underwear and jumping into the Hudson River. It’s fall and the water is freezing but he does it for a measly $200. Other stunts include a chick licking a pole in a New York subway and a guy eating a piece of pizza that’s been rubbed on the balls of several of his friends. They all do it for $200 and every time it’s surprising. Really, who would want to eat ball-tainted pizza for a couple hundred bucks?
The hardcore part of the scene takes place in a jewelry shop as two guys go in to buy a necklace. They offer the sales clerk a bit of cash to show off her body and eventually they convince her to get naked and fuck the bald guy that came in to buy the necklace. They’re working to get money knocked off the price of the jewelry and it seems like in the end it all works out for everyone involved.
Voyeur Sex

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SeeMyWife presents TOP Submissions In March 2008

April 14th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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Good Sex Tape

March 20th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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We’re starting to notice there’s a lot of “crazies” in California. We hear about so many bad relationships out there, but at least we get a lot of good sex tapes like this one!

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