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Sexy Brunette Babe With Big Ass Getting Fucked

November 5th, 2010 · No Comments

* * * ½   97 votes

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS WHOLE EPISODESimone is getting ready to go out, but she doesn’t know what to wear. She tries different clothes, but they are too tight for her big ass. Finally, her partner suggests a very sexy outfit that makes her look slutty and this awakens the slut inside her. Next thing you know, she’s asking for his dick to drill her hungry ass.

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Tags: Anal Porn · Big Ass · Brunette

Small Titted Brunette Babe Getting Fucked In All Holes

September 20th, 2010 · No Comments

* * *     63 votes

Bailee is a curious little cunt and she said she did not have any chocolate lovers so far. Well, if this is her wish, she’s at the right place then, since Kid Jamaica, our fav dark stallion is visiting - and he’d love to blow his load into her tight white ass!

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Tags: Anal Porn · Brunette · Double Penetration · Small Tits

Hot Bitch Sabrinka Getting Fucked Three Cocks

June 17th, 2010 · No Comments

* * *     24 votes

THE BITCH: Sabrinka
Check out hot anal babe Sabrinka as she massages her asshole with a huge striped dildo just to prepare her hole for a rough gang bang with Nick Lang, Frank Gun, and Greg Centauro. Watch the video and the images to see how the guys take turns in fucking Sabrinka in her ass while she sucks on the two other throbbing boners.

Hardcore anal sex, high quality ass fucking and high resolution anal pictures await you at! Don’t miss these nice round asses getting stretched and popped!


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Tags: Anal Porn · Double Penetration · Group Sex · Sluts

All Hail the Anal Queen

April 20th, 2009 · 3 Comments

* * * ½   47 votes

Have you met Bobbi Star before? As a pornstar she’s made a name for herself doing anal scenes and any fame she’s garnered is well earned. She is a hot piece of ass that loves a good, hard, deep fuck and she will let a man pound her naughty hole all he wants if he asks nicely. The hot scene she’s in today comes from Big Wet Butts and it starts with her wearing a sexy sundress and looking through her refrigerator. She can’t think of what she’s hungry for at first…but then it comes to her: a big fat dick! She wants a cock and she’ll do anything to get it up into that tight asshole of hers.

The luscious video shows her doing everything she can to arouse those of us in the audience and that includes a whole lot of looking at her big ass. At one point she manages to hold an apple between her cheeks so you can imagine how good it would feel to have your dick in there. She changes into super hot black lingerie at one point and she’s just oozing arousal and horniness. Luckily there’s a dude with a big dick in the area and he’ll rescue her from the pit of desire and need she has fallen into. The hot slut sucks on his dick with her pretty mouth and then it’s into her butthole for some intense and powerful anal sex. Every inch fucks up into her and Bobbi Starr can’t wait to have more. She’s a total slut.

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Tags: Anal Porn · Ass Gape · Big Ass · Sexy Lingerie · Stockings

So Bootylicious

September 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   43 votes


Sometimes when a woman is referred to as curvy people are trying to be kind and not call her fat. In the case of Lexi Love they really mean that she’s curvy. If you were to look at her from the waist up you would think she’s a tiny girl given that she has a little pair of tits and she’s nice and thin. However, once you go below the waist you see the most beautiful ass ever! This video is all about her big booty and we begin with her lying on a lounge chair under the sun shaking her ass for the camera. She’s wearing a one piece bathing suit but it’s a thong so you can see every inch of those beautiful cheeks and you can give them a good slap and squeeze, or at least the guy holding the camera can.
He pours some oil on her booty to make it shiny and she goes back to shaking it for the camera. There’s nothing better than a shiny booty to turn a man on. Lexi goes for a naked swim and does a little pussy fingering while she’s at it. Eventually a guy joins her out there and she gives him a fantastic blowjob, making oral love to his cock and then bringing him inside so they can continue their hardcore sex scene somewhere a little more comfortable. He fucks her pussy a little but it’s her asshole that he really wants and although he has an incredibly thick dick she manages to take the entire length into her tight rectum. It’s truly a sight to see, especially when she gets on top and rides him.
Anal Sex

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Tags: Anal Porn · Big Ass · Creampie · Free Porn Trailers · Small Tits · Tight Ass

Ugly Duckling Turned Swan

August 7th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * * ½ 37 votes


Melissa Lauren is hot now but she didn’t have it all together in high school and when she told Rocco Reed she had a crush on him he rejected her in the biggest way, embarrassing her in front of everyone. Now she’s back at her 5 year high school reunion and she’s practically a different person. Her tits are big and perky thanks to a little work with the plastic surgeon, she’s super slim and trim and she’s obviously one of the most beautiful babes in the business.
She’s never forgotten how hot Rocco was or how badly she wanted his cock and now she’s going to get it. When he sees her at the reunion his jaw practically hits the floor. He can’t believe how gorgeous she is and how big and beautiful her breasts are. Now he’s the one who desperately wants her and before he knows it they’ve snuck away to a private room in the school and she’s sucking his dick. Sweet and sexy Melissa gives a blowjob like he’s never had before and now he’s wishing he had tapped her in high school.
When her warm and wet mouth gets him rock hard she insists on getting on top and riding his cock. That long ride brings her the pleasure she always knew his cock could deliver but she wants more. Melissa wants anal sex so she directs his cock to her asshole and it looks so damn good. He’s deep in that tight ass and she has nothing but moans of pleasure for him. After she’s gotten a good fuck Melissa gets her revenge too.
Blowjob Porn
Anal Porn

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Tags: Anal Porn · Big Boobs · Blowjob · Brunette · Free Porn Vids · Porn

Repo Bitch

July 21st, 2008 · No Comments

* * * ½   31 votes


Wearing leather boots, sexy black stockings, a short black skirt and an arousing brown top Harmony Rose knocks on the door looking for the owner. She’s there to repossess some of their furniture as they’ve been late on the payments and it’s time to give it up. She’s going through the list of stuff that she’ll be taking away when she realizes that both of these guys are well known porn actors with big cocks.
It occurs to her that she might get the fuck of a lifetime out of them if she works out a deal. She tells them that if they let her dine on the thick cock meat in their shorts that they can keep their stuff a little longer. Considering how hot she looks it should come as no surprise that they’re eager to accept her proposal. Harmony is a good looking blonde babe and the outfit they have her in is drop dead gorgeous. I can’t get enough of it.
They’re on a big brown leather couch when the scene begins and we watch as she sucks one dude while the other fingers and licks her pussy. At one point the guys have her in the air between them with one dick in her pussy and one dick in her asshole. It’s a stunning achievement of balance and sexual imagination. Harmony is also quite the anal queen so they bang her asshole over and over throughout the video. The scene ends when they both dump hot loads of cum on her face and tits.
Mature Porn

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Tags: Anal Porn · Big Ass · Blowjob · Double Penetration · Free Porn Movies · Group Sex · Mature Porn · Natural Tits · Stockings

Naomi Gest Assfucked

July 17th, 2008 · No Comments

* * * *   24 votes


Naomi wearing skintight black booty shorts and a sexy black top along with black vinyl boots that are really the fantastic finishing tough on a very hot look. She’s also carrying a note that declares her a big anal slut, just in case you were wondering. After doing a striptease and dance the slut hoists her legs into the air and the guy behind the camera takes a dildo and penetrates her asshole.
Like all the others that part of the scene is filmed exceptionally well. They get in nice and close on her asshole as it’s filled with plastic dick and once she’s been loosened up she goes to work on TWO guys. What’s great is that they never go near her pussy. The cocks only slide into her asshole and they do so deep and hard. She takes every inch of cock meat and she seems to love it. Watching her with a cock in her mouth and a cock in her ass is fucking awesome and most of the scene is all about that kind of hot action.
Group Sex
Double Penetration

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Tags: Anal Porn · Blowjob · Brunette · Creampie · Doggy Style Sex · Free Porn Clips · Group Sex · Sluts · Small Tits · Tight Ass · Toys

Big Old Tucci!

July 15th, 2008 · 2 Comments

* * * *   19 votes


The previous scene featured vaginal penetration only but that’s only half of what members of Big Wet Butts are entitled to. That’s why you really need to check out this scene that stars the beautiful Flower Tucci. She had her own site for a while and now she’s back working freelance and this chick is quite friendly with anal sex. She loves having a big dick in her tight asshole and as you can see a big loves being in her booty. Flower is wearing a sexy pink satin and black lace bra, panty, garter belt and stockings in the scene and she looks phenomenal.
She does a little solo action for us, crawling around on the floor and shaking that great ass. She also gets a bath in baby oil and then she and her man do a sixty nine that’s fabulous. Somewhere along the way Flower’s hair gets wet and that makes her look even sluttier than before. Her ass is glistening when the guy first slides his cock inside and they end up doing anal in so many different positions it’s mind boggling. The best is when she’s on top and they’re filming it from behind. They get in nice and tight and you can really see every inch of his dick move inside her.
Big Ass
Anal Porn

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Tags: Anal Porn · Big Dick · Blowjob · Free Porn Videos · Huge Ass · Small Tits · Stockings

Hailey’s 18th Birthday

July 9th, 2008 · 3 Comments

* * * *   14 votes


It’s Hailey’s birthday and her friends got her a clown. Sure, she’s a little old for that but she seems thrilled and she doesn’t even know the best part of the gift. Under that clown suit is the biggest cock she’s ever seen. You see, Hailey has been complaining to her friends that she hasn’t had a huge cock in months and that her pussy really needs to be filled with rock hard cock. They found this guy in the adult classifieds and after doing a dance for Hailey asks if she’d like to unwrap her present.
She’s not sure what he means at first but when he grabs his crotch and shows her the thick present that waits inside her eyes get wide and her mouth waters. In mere seconds he’s down to his wig and face paint and her hand is gripping the shaft of his cock. Her mouth is going to work too, licking the underside of his sensitive head and drawing moans from him.
Hailey gives great head and soon her clown lover is sporting a rock hard dick and he’s ready to give her the ultimate birthday gift. He fucks her in every position he can imagine and she loves them all. My favorite is when he picks her up and slides into her asshole from behind. He basically rocks her on his cock, letting her bounce over and over. She’s a tiny girl so she can’t weigh all that much, which makes his job a hell of a lot easier.
Teen Sex

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