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Club Girl Girl - Courtney James Tanya & Abbey Brooks

June 16th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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It’s time for a game of truth or dare and luckily for you there are three chicks playing. This is gal’s night only so you know you’re in store for some delicious girl on girl action. Obviously you’re watching a porn scene so it should come as no surprise that the first thing the ladies do is get naked. They want to check out each other’s booties; can you blame them? There are two blondes and a sexy brunette sitting around the living room and they’re all very good looking. I like the blonde in the low cut pink tank top best of all, mostly because her tits are so big and soft. They look natural too; I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to hold those beauties in my hands.
As you’d expect the game of truth or dare eventually becomes a lesbian threesome. The youngest chick – the brunette – is the first to receive the attention of the other ladies as they both attach their mouths to a nipple and suck like mad. She moans and shortly after the tit licking fun begins we see a hand drift down to her pussy and begin gently rubbing her clit. As the scene progresses the girls try out many different ways of pleasuring each other, including a little bit of face sitting. The best part of the scene has the ladies in a pussy licking chain of sorts, with all three babes eating pussy at the same time. It must have been difficult to arrange but it sure is fun to watch.
Lesbian Sex

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Brazzers Idol

June 11th, 2008 · 3 Comments

* * * *   23 votes


Welcome to Brazzers idol where the contestants sing or suck Mr. English’s cock to go to Hollywood… Whitney was horrible at both so she didn’t get to go to Hollywood. Jayden on the other hand knew how to suck cock so she went straight for it. This surprised Mr. English and he enjoyed it once August jumped in. They had a blast fucking on the judges table with Randy watching the whole thing and giving Jayden the approval to go to Hollywood…
Porn Stars

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MILF Soup - Best Birthday Ever

May 19th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   17 votes


It’s Johnny’s birthday and as he pulls up to the house in his truck he has no idea what awaits him inside. He figured it would just be him and his MILF girlfriend celebrating the day in a special hardcore style but she had other plans. She knows that Johnny is a big fan of MILF pussy so she invited three of her sexy friends over to celebrate with him. When he comes in they all shout surprise and you can tell he’s just overwhelmed. There’s too much hot pussy in the room for him to handle. Which chick is he going to fuck first?
The ladies are all wearing exceptionally slutty outfits, although they don’t stay in them for long. The clothes come off quickly and the girls fool around with each other, which is a big part of Johnny’s present. What could possibly be hotter than four MILF sluts kissing, sucking tit and eating pussy? I guess if he got to fuck each of the babes it would be better and you know his girlfriend is going to take care of him. She’s happy to let each beauty spread her legs and let Johnny plug away. She’s the one who gets his cum though.

Another great scene:
Aaron is visiting his son Mike in Florida and they’re going to spend the day on a boat tour. The lovely Priya Rai, a busty and beautiful MILF, is the leader of that tour and as soon as he spots her Mike is thinking about doing all sorts of naughty things to the beauty. After they’ve made it out on the ocean and are bobbing along nicely Priya takes off her clothes to reveal a very sexy bikini underneath. At that point Mike’s dad senses that something is developing between the two and he heads below deck to give them some privacy.
Dad has good instincts because shortly after he leaves Priya takes off her top and shares a beer with young Mike. She doesn’t like to tan with her clothes on because it always leaves those hideous lines. She likes nicely browned tits. A little bit of alcohol and arousal in the air eventually brings these two together and the fun really begins when Priya takes Mike’s big cock into her mouth and stars to pleasure him. It’s a terrific blowjob and it leads to much bigger and better things like a hot doggy style fuck.

Not enough? Well, enjoy this video:
Mature Tits
The young star of this scene is playing video games at a friend’s house when his mom walks in carrying two bags of groceries. His mom happens to be the lovely Brandi Edwards and there’s no way to hide how unbelievably sexy she is. She accentuates it by wearing a tight pair of denim shorts and a sexy blouse. Three of the guys leave to play basketball but one stays behind, sensing a connection between him and Brandi. He played his cards right because shortly after they’re alone she calls him into the kitchen.
She’s holding a can of whipped cream and her tits are hanging out of her bra. She squirts a dollop on her nipple and pulls it towards her mouth to lick it off. Yeah, that’s pretty fucking hot :) Next thing you know she’s on her knees desperately trying to pull off the young man’s pants so she can swallow his cock. She does just that and his bone turns out to be just as big as she expected. The fucking is the real meat of the scene with the doggy style action being the best. She’s bent over the kitchen table and he’s deep in that tight snatch. He also decorates her with his cum.

It’s always nice when a site makes an effort to give you at least a little bit of plot with your porn movies. It’s like fantasy fulfillment. Have you ever dreamt about fucking one of the hot secretaries at your office? MILF Soup has a scene where a young man gets caught jerking off by one of those secretaries but instead of reporting him she pulls him to the bathroom and lets him bang her slick mature pussy. That’s the kind of porn all MILF lovers can appreciate and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
The most important thing to know is that MILF Soup uses only the finest mature babes in the business. You’ll recognize many of the faces and bodies boning in these scenes and I’m certain that future updates will also feature busty and bodacious sluts. The sex is always hot and the video quality is top flight, as is befitting a modern site. Did you know that member’s area access also comes with a stunning slew of bonus sites? Yeah, this is a pretty great deal for you.

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We Live Together - Munkey Love

May 12th, 2008 · 3 Comments

* * * *   29 votes


This update begins with an awfully cute display as a pair of marmosets is brought out for the girls to look at. Molly, the blonde in the video, is looking for a new pet and she’s keen on these furry little creatures. They’re awfully cute together and they seem friendly, climbing on the girls and enjoying a good rub. Eventually the little creatures leave and the ladies are left alone and since this is a lesbian sex scene you can guess what happens. Both of these beauties are hot and they each offer something different as Molly has huge fake tits and Sahara has small natural boobs.
The ladies are out in the grass when they start fooling around and for some reason it makes the scene even hotter than if they were in the bedroom. They voraciously munch box and throw in a little rimming for your pleasure. The girls also have a pair of dildos and they use them to bring each other to orgasm. The best part is when they share one; Molly is lying down with it in her pussy and Sahara is on top bouncing on it. Whew; that was some seriously hot stuff.
You can also find Molly in another great scene:

Bikini Lesbian Girls

Molly has a profile at an adult dating site and she’s been getting a ton of responses lately from girls that want to munch her sweet pussy. She figured that she might as well try out the best candidates in person so she invited three of them to her place for a bikini party. Molly is wearing a white bikini and she looks positively angelic. The other girls are wearing the sluttiest shiny bikinis you’ve ever seen. All four babes are classic porn star types with big tits and tight bodies. They’re all in the backyard for the fun tryout and I can assure you that the action is stunning.
The girls start by showing their goods to Molly so she’ll pick them. Eventually she has the ladies get naked and the real fun starts as they lick and suck box in a hot threesome. You’ve basically got a chain where each girl is pleasuring a pussy and being pleasured at the same time. They show off their acrobatic skills and towards the end they share a double dildo that proves to be the finest part of the scene. Molly is watching for most of the scene but eventually she is too aroused and she has to join them.
And one more recently added episode:

Lesbian Sex

The girls went down to the auto shop to pick up Sammie’s car and they were shocked to find Halia sliding out from under it. These two blondes are total lesbian sluts and when they see a possible target they’re immediately on the hunt. They’re also not afraid to make the first move, like when Sammie wipes the grease off her hands on Halia’s shirt while simultaneously groping her breasts. Halia got the message and just like that the girls are having a threesome in the body shop. Luckily for us it’s just the beginning of the 45 minute scene.
The girls aren’t all that fond of being greasy so they go back to the apartment with Halia and hop into the shower together. It’s roomy in there and they have plenty of space to watch each other and do a little discrete fingering. After drying off they jump into bed together and the dildos come out. There’s pussy licking and fucking with a surprising variety of toys. I guess when two perpetually horny lesbians lives together they’re bound to have a huge supply of toys. Anyway, the three ladies make love until they’ve all cum.

When We Live Together was launched the idea was that lesbian roommates would go out every week and find a new chick to have a threesome with. That notion is still at the heart of this lesbian sex spectacular and you’ll often see that exact plot play out. They’ve also expanded their repertoire to include twosomes and foursomes just so they’re making everyone’s dreams come true. A quick visit to the tour will show you the best of the best. I recommend you check out the trailer featuring four girls at a lesbian lingerie party. Damn that’s hot stuff.
Like any good reality site they do a fair job of selling you on the plot of each scene and thereby keeping you just a little bit more interested. It certainly keeps me interested. Also worth sticking around for is the fantastic collection of stunningly beautiful women. Where do they find some of these girls? They’re all so damn sexy and passionate in the bedroom. In addition to the usual kissing, tit sucking and pussy licking these scenes also feature lots of dildo play, including the occasional bit strap-on sex action.

We Live Together

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Natural Beauty

May 6th, 2008 · 7 Comments

* * * *   24 votes


On this episode we have Carmen whos father is making her take spanish lessons, but is currently distracted by her teacher who is there to teach her. Carmen is not really interested in learning spanish anymore she wants a lesson in spanish DICKtion and our boy Ramon is the man for the job! There was only one stipulation in the whole agreement her father could not know and she agreed. Man did he teach her a great lesson now she wants spanish lessons all the time!
Teen Sex
Big Ass

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On Call Masseuse

April 30th, 2008 · No Comments

* * * * ½ 44 votes


Marco is feeling stressed and his muscles are tight and aching so he calls on a masseuse. Our masseuse of the day is none other than Nikki Benz. As she is about to start his full body message she notices how big her client’s dick is and was immediately aroused! She immediately started to message his big hard muscle and couldn’t resist fucking it! Marco definitely got the release he needed as did Nikki…several times!
Porn Stars

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Its Good To Be The Boss

April 28th, 2008 · 4 Comments

* * * *   39 votes


There are some scenarios in porn that just never go out of style… mostly because we’re all pretty sure some of us know better that others that they are pretty true to life. One such scenario is the boss and the secretary…This story is as old as… i dont know something really old…but when done right..such as this wonderful update with Julius Pleaser and the amazingly beautiful and talented henesey it is a thing of beauty. We do add some of our own little touches to this formulaic storyline, particularly with some crafty use of a xerox machine and some sneaky sabatoge work by henesey. Of course none of this would work if the sex wasn’t amazing…luckily for you, henesey isnt only beautiful but she could fuck the white off of rice..
Big Ass

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Online Secret Affair

April 23rd, 2008 · 4 Comments

* * * *   36 votes


Amy Reid was flirting online with a man she wanted to fuck so badly, yet couldn’t because of her matrimonial duties as a wife. When her husband came in, she confronted him with her needs and desires. Being a good husband, he allowed her to invite her online lover over to come and fuck Amy while he would sit and watch, like a good husband he is!!
HouseWife Porn

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Do Your Best!

April 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

* * * *   24 votes


Phoenix was having a bit of trouble with Ramon one of her salesman that work for her. She was about to let him go because of his attitude she said he was too cocky, like every woman wanted to sleep with him. Well she must have been right because she wanted to also so Ramon served her like a waiter in a 5 start restaurant and she finished every course.
Big Tits
Office Sex

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Hot Lesbian Action!

April 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   22 votes


While at the beach Rachel & Cayden saw some hotties out by the volleyball court. They went up and asked if they wanna play 2-on-2. During the game they made it losers had to do whatever the winners wanted. Lucky for us, we came out the winner as we got to watch!

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