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Pretty Kylie wrangle the brotha’s meaty pythons into her tight taco!

October 7th, 2008 · 5 Comments

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Here’s a hardcore interracial fuck scene that might be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Kylie Richards is the cute blonde sitting between the masked black men and she should probably be a little bit worried because they’re both sporting huge fucking cocks. She looks totally comfortable though and the entertainment begins with a sexy striptease from her. She pulls off her tank top and lowers those sexy denim shorts so the black brothers can play with her tight white body. After they’ve felt up her sexy tits and her tight ass they urge her to fall to her knees and get to work on the huge dicks they have resting in their pants. Both cocks are at least a foot long so it’s going to be a tough job.
The interracial threesome officially gets started when she takes the first dick in her mouth. It’s thick and long so she can’t swallow much but she does her best to get him good and hard. She jumps from dick to dick, stroking one while she sucks the other to ensure that they’re both hard eager to fuck her white pussy. From that point on the guys take turns double teaming her with one fucking her snatch while the other continues to work her mouth. She seems thrilled to be getting fucked and the noises she makes will have your balls tingling. I love hearing a slut moan as she’s being filled with black cock and trust that you do as well. Both guys have substantial loads to shoot and she takes them on her pretty face.
Interracial Sex

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All Ass Out

August 4th, 2008 · 3 Comments

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How do you feel about a big black ass? If you’re anything like me then you think that there are few things in the world as fabulous as a big black ass. What would you say to three big black asses belonging to three ebony chicks in slutty outfits? That’s what we’ve got in this hot video! It begins with the girls wearing outfits straight from the strip club, except they’re out in some lucky guy’s backyard. The outfits are the same but in three different colors and they’re sexy enough to make your balls tingle; trust me.
The girls are all shaking their big black booties when the video begins because they know nothing turns a man on more than that. Just imagine burying your face between those cheeks as the girls shake them for you. How fucking hot would that be? The camera practically goes there, getting as close as possible. The girls aren’t performing solo though. There are two white guys charged with entertaining them and they bring out the baby oil to spice things up.
The ladies are all bent over as the dudes spread the oil on their asses. There is nothing more fabulous than a shiny black ass, especially if it’s as big and perfect as the asses featured here. I can’t adequately describe just how hot these booties look as the girls shake them furiously. It’s simply too hot for words. The guys also take the time to lube up their titties, which involves a fair amount of groping. Lucky sons of bitches!
Ebony Porn
Big Black Boobs

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Erika Vution Rocked My Cock!

June 25th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Erika Vuiton is a fantastically sexy black pornstar and she’s the star of this porn video. The site is called Ball Honeys and it’s all about interracial sex. They have black babes, asian sluts and spice latina chicks all ready to pleasure white guys and each week they do a new scene with a new hottie. This week it’s a white cock in a tight black pussy and Erika is the girl that’s going to get fucked.
She’s one of the best looking ebony chicks I’ve ever seen with a gorgeous smile, hair that caresses her breasts, fantastic natural tits and a booty that’s the stuff of dreams. I know you want to see that booty and luckily for you the video begins with her in a thong. She turns around and shakes her ass for the camera, showing us just how fabulous and tight her ass is. That’s really what I like best about it. It’s so tight and if I happened to be in the same room with this beauty I’d have a hard time not groping her tightness.
The hardcore fun begins with Erika drops to her knees in front of her white lover and gives him a hot interracial blowjob. His dick is fairly long and it looks so good sliding between her pink lips and down her warm and wet throat. A blowjob is just the beginning of the hardcore pleasures though; she also gets pounded in her tight pussy and they do it in all three standard porn positions. Doggy style is the best.
Black Porn

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No Frills Lacey Duvalle

June 17th, 2008 · No Comments

* * * ½   27 votes


Lacey Duvalle is one of the most popular ebony pornstars in the world and this smoking hot video makes it pretty damn obvious why that’s the case. First, this girl has style and sensuality. The clip starts with her all alone putting on a show for the camera and it’s fantastically sexy. The way she sways her hips and the way her eyes are brimming with lust; it’s sure to have you burning with desire.
Ramon has an exceptionally long and thick dick, which is why he’s shooting scenes for a site called Monsters of Cock. When Lacey heard about his big dick she wanted to see if he could satisfy her bottomless desire. Our pleasure is getting to watch them play together. Will he be able to fuck her deep and hard enough to make her happy? Will she even be able to fit that big cock in her tight pussy? Of course! Lacey is a talented, slutty black babe and she’s more than up for the challenge of pleasuring this monster.
She strokes his dick to start, making it grow in her hands. Then she lowers her head into his lap and her tongue snakes out, taking a few quick licks of the cockhead before swallowing him deep. She gives a wet blowjob so soon his cock is glistening. That’s just the beginning of the fun; after they start fucking they don’t stop until he’s explored her body in every possible position. All the while she looks utterly fantastic and flawless.
Ebony Porn

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Cock Competition - Sweet Teen Battle

June 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   13 votes


Cock Competition is a reality site built around enormous black dicks and the white girls that want to see how deep they can take said dicks. In this hot scene Tori and Emma are working on a 14 inch dick to see which of them can take it the deepest. Tori is a super cute brunette and Emma a super slutty blonde. The ladies are picked up in the park and they chat with the guy behind the camera for a bit before going back to the studio to start the competition. Once there they spin the wheel to find out who gets to fuck first, what positions they’re going to fuck in and more.
Group Sex
In this case the wheel comes up missionary and the girls lie on their backs while the guy penetrates them. They take measurements to see how far inside the dick moves and neither can take the full dick, which should come as no surprise given that it’s 14 inches of monster meat. One of the hottest elements of any Cock Competition scene is the cumshot because so much sticky white fluid pours out of the guy’s dick. At the end of the video you’ll see Tori and Emma absolutely coated in the sticky semen.

If you liked that first scene then we have another you should really check out.
Monster Cock
It stars Megan and Sindee, both of whom are sexy blonde babes. One has a big pair of fake tits and the other has a perky pair of little tits. This way there’s something for everyone. The girls begin the scene by measuring the cock and they’re stunned to find out the guy has 14 inches of hard blackness protruding from his pelvis. He introduces the huge fuck stick to both their mouths and it’s so damn thick that neither girl can take much.
That’s a big part of the fun during any scene at Cock Competition. Watching the ladies try to stretch their mouths around the big dick and struggling to do so will bring a smile to your face, I assure you. After the oral the girls then try to take as much of the cock inside them as possible. Watch and you’ll see that one of the ladies comes up the loser and her punishment is to receive the biggest facial ever. The guy stands about a foot and a half away from her and jerks off until he showers her in hot cum while the other chick just laughs.

Cock Competition calls itself the most fucked up game show on the internet and once you’ve seen it I think you’ll have to agree. They have two chicks and one 14 or 15 inch dick in each scene. The ladies are competing to see who can take the most dick in their hot bodies and when the competition is over one of them is crowned the winner. They even have a wheel in the studio that determines who sucks cock, which positions they fuck in, etc.
The other element that makes Cock Competition so special is the huge amount of semen that comes flowing out of each cock. The black guys shoot what seems like a never ending and ridiculously thick stream of cum from their big dicks. In some scenes the loser of the competition is showered in spunk and in others the ladies share it. Either way someone ends up covered in sticky spunk.
Cock Competition

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Flirty Teen Ruby Knox Rides a Monster Cock

May 5th, 2008 · 3 Comments

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Ruby just turned 18 and is fresh out of high school. O.G. sees right through her sweet and innocent act and knows she’s a total slut! She’s never had a cock this fucking big though.
Monster Cock
And we know she’s never had such a huge fucking facial either!
Huge Facial

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Couldn’t Wait To Squirt

March 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Squirting, Gushing, Exploding… This girl was like the Niagra Falls.. Squirting was an utter delight for her… I cant blame Amile.. It was utter delight watching.. She squirted more than 8 times and each one was unique in its very own way.. Im truly pro squirt after seeing what Amile could do.. A naturally phenomenon indeed.. Damn i love this girl…

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Assume The Position

March 1st, 2008 · 2 Comments

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Thigh highs are hot by nature. They make ugly girls cute, but [Read more →]

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Booty Buddies

February 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment

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2 gorgeous black babes with great [

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Thick And Lovely

January 28th, 2008 · No Comments

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I invited Barbie over for a [

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