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Three Hot Lesbian Chicks Licking Pussy Each Other

August 18th, 2010 · No Comments

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We are girls that love to eat pussy and We Live Together! Every week we go out on the streets, bars, parties, malls… wherever and we pick up the cutest girlie girls and invite them to come over and party at our apartment. From our girl friends at college, to roommates, and friends of friends.. we’re always looking for the hottest lesbian girls around! We Live Together has hundreds of lesbian videos for you to download right from Reality Kings… it’s the sexiest lesbian porn anywhere guys and gals! Come watch us eat pussy and work our dildo magic on gorgeous, sexy girls. We love to get together and get off in steamy hot threesome and foursome lesbian movies! We promise you’re going to love our amazing collection of lesbian porn. Thanks for dropping in to the We Live Together Apartment, hope you enjoy your visit! Love xoxo Brittney, Taylor, Nicole & All the Girls

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Coochie Car Wash

December 9th, 2008 · 8 Comments

* * * *   66 votes


If you’re a hot chick there’s no better way to make money than to setup a wet and wild carwash. Put on a bikini and stand by the road waving a sign and the guys will come streaming in even if you’re doing a terrible job cleaning the cars. A bikini carwash is also a great setup for an adult movie and in this scene from We Live Together that’s what they’re doing. There are four girls and they all look fantastic in their bikinis.
They all get wet when washing the cars because they know that’s what we want to see. They rub soap all over each other, caress their bodies, etc. It’s basically the realization of a fantasy I’m sure we’ve all had at one time or another. After the carwash the girls run inside to the bedroom and tear off their bikinis. Their bodies are all wet from the water and the soap and their pussies are dripping wet as well.
Once the girls are naked things start happening fast. They kiss passionately with tongues swapping spit like you’ve never seen before. They suck titty, they eat pussy, they finger each other and throughout it all they moan like the hot lesbian sluts they are. At one point they have a great pussy licking chain going with every mouth attached to a pussy. The dildo use is one of my favorite aspects of the scene but they’re all so good I don’t know which to choose as the best. Why choose, why not enjoy them all?

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First Time Lesbian Orgasm!

September 16th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Innocent and cute Georgia Jones showed up thinking she was going to be doing a modeling job for Larin and Tiffany. The two of them have a long standing tradition of tricking sexy sluts into posing in naughty outfits for them and then seducing them for a hot lesbian threesome. Georgia is merely the latest in a long line of girls to fall for their lusty lesbian tricks. After she models the dress for them the girls have her take everything else off just to get a look at her body. She’s a little confused and reluctant at first but eventually it all comes off and we’re looking at what has to be one of the tightest, sexiest bodies around.
To make innocent Georgia more comfortable the other girls get naked too and from there you can guess what happens. There’s a little bit of body caressing and touching and then they convince Georgia to share a few kisses. Watching women make out is incredibly sensual and sexy and it’s just the start of the amazing party that is this hot lesbian threesome. Once Larin and Tiffany have Georgia loosened up a little they start working her over with one of them eating her pussy while the other sits on her face. It goes that way through most of the scene, although they take up several sexy positions and use toys as well. Georgia’s young pussy is one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen, I promise.
Lesbian Sex

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Peaches & Daria

July 5th, 2008 · No Comments

* * * * ½ 19 votes


A beautiful blonde and a beautiful brunette are in their dorm room and they’re bored with studying. The only thing the girls can think about is fooling around and as such we’re going to watch them do that very thing. The brunette has fantastic C cup breasts and the blonde little A cups. This obviously isn’t the first time these girls have fooled around together. They show great familiarity with each other’s bodies and they slip right into the pleasures of lesbian play.
What could be better than watching two hot college girls hook up? These girls strip each other naked and kiss and suck titty to start the fun and its’ a pleasure watching them lick. They get to the pussy eating pretty quickly and it looks to me like they’re wearing the same panties. I guess lesbian chicks like to share everything! The blonde is the first to munch college pussy and she gets her sexy lover moaning and dripping hot lubrication.
My favorite part of the scene is when the blonde pulls her head from the other girl’s pussy and gives her a sloppy, sexy wet kiss. It’s dirty, filthy and fabulously sexy. There’s plenty of fingering in the scene as well and they also bring in a dildo in on the action. It’s pink and thin but it gives the girls the pleasure they need. They use it very effectively by penetrating the pussy and licking the clit at the same time.
Lesbian Sex
Dildo Sex

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Club Girl Girl - Courtney James Tanya & Abbey Brooks

June 16th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   27 votes


It’s time for a game of truth or dare and luckily for you there are three chicks playing. This is gal’s night only so you know you’re in store for some delicious girl on girl action. Obviously you’re watching a porn scene so it should come as no surprise that the first thing the ladies do is get naked. They want to check out each other’s booties; can you blame them? There are two blondes and a sexy brunette sitting around the living room and they’re all very good looking. I like the blonde in the low cut pink tank top best of all, mostly because her tits are so big and soft. They look natural too; I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to hold those beauties in my hands.
As you’d expect the game of truth or dare eventually becomes a lesbian threesome. The youngest chick – the brunette – is the first to receive the attention of the other ladies as they both attach their mouths to a nipple and suck like mad. She moans and shortly after the tit licking fun begins we see a hand drift down to her pussy and begin gently rubbing her clit. As the scene progresses the girls try out many different ways of pleasuring each other, including a little bit of face sitting. The best part of the scene has the ladies in a pussy licking chain of sorts, with all three babes eating pussy at the same time. It must have been difficult to arrange but it sure is fun to watch.
Lesbian Sex

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We Live Together - Munkey Love

May 12th, 2008 · 3 Comments

* * * *   29 votes


This update begins with an awfully cute display as a pair of marmosets is brought out for the girls to look at. Molly, the blonde in the video, is looking for a new pet and she’s keen on these furry little creatures. They’re awfully cute together and they seem friendly, climbing on the girls and enjoying a good rub. Eventually the little creatures leave and the ladies are left alone and since this is a lesbian sex scene you can guess what happens. Both of these beauties are hot and they each offer something different as Molly has huge fake tits and Sahara has small natural boobs.
The ladies are out in the grass when they start fooling around and for some reason it makes the scene even hotter than if they were in the bedroom. They voraciously munch box and throw in a little rimming for your pleasure. The girls also have a pair of dildos and they use them to bring each other to orgasm. The best part is when they share one; Molly is lying down with it in her pussy and Sahara is on top bouncing on it. Whew; that was some seriously hot stuff.
You can also find Molly in another great scene:

Bikini Lesbian Girls

Molly has a profile at an adult dating site and she’s been getting a ton of responses lately from girls that want to munch her sweet pussy. She figured that she might as well try out the best candidates in person so she invited three of them to her place for a bikini party. Molly is wearing a white bikini and she looks positively angelic. The other girls are wearing the sluttiest shiny bikinis you’ve ever seen. All four babes are classic porn star types with big tits and tight bodies. They’re all in the backyard for the fun tryout and I can assure you that the action is stunning.
The girls start by showing their goods to Molly so she’ll pick them. Eventually she has the ladies get naked and the real fun starts as they lick and suck box in a hot threesome. You’ve basically got a chain where each girl is pleasuring a pussy and being pleasured at the same time. They show off their acrobatic skills and towards the end they share a double dildo that proves to be the finest part of the scene. Molly is watching for most of the scene but eventually she is too aroused and she has to join them.
And one more recently added episode:

Lesbian Sex

The girls went down to the auto shop to pick up Sammie’s car and they were shocked to find Halia sliding out from under it. These two blondes are total lesbian sluts and when they see a possible target they’re immediately on the hunt. They’re also not afraid to make the first move, like when Sammie wipes the grease off her hands on Halia’s shirt while simultaneously groping her breasts. Halia got the message and just like that the girls are having a threesome in the body shop. Luckily for us it’s just the beginning of the 45 minute scene.
The girls aren’t all that fond of being greasy so they go back to the apartment with Halia and hop into the shower together. It’s roomy in there and they have plenty of space to watch each other and do a little discrete fingering. After drying off they jump into bed together and the dildos come out. There’s pussy licking and fucking with a surprising variety of toys. I guess when two perpetually horny lesbians lives together they’re bound to have a huge supply of toys. Anyway, the three ladies make love until they’ve all cum.

When We Live Together was launched the idea was that lesbian roommates would go out every week and find a new chick to have a threesome with. That notion is still at the heart of this lesbian sex spectacular and you’ll often see that exact plot play out. They’ve also expanded their repertoire to include twosomes and foursomes just so they’re making everyone’s dreams come true. A quick visit to the tour will show you the best of the best. I recommend you check out the trailer featuring four girls at a lesbian lingerie party. Damn that’s hot stuff.
Like any good reality site they do a fair job of selling you on the plot of each scene and thereby keeping you just a little bit more interested. It certainly keeps me interested. Also worth sticking around for is the fantastic collection of stunningly beautiful women. Where do they find some of these girls? They’re all so damn sexy and passionate in the bedroom. In addition to the usual kissing, tit sucking and pussy licking these scenes also feature lots of dildo play, including the occasional bit strap-on sex action.

We Live Together

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Hot Lesbian Action!

April 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   22 votes


While at the beach Rachel & Cayden saw some hotties out by the volleyball court. They went up and asked if they wanna play 2-on-2. During the game they made it losers had to do whatever the winners wanted. Lucky for us, we came out the winner as we got to watch!

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Tags: Big Boobs · Bikini · Free Porn Videos · Lesbian Porn · Natural Tits · Outdoors · Public Nudity · Small Tits · Teens · Toys

Scissor Party

April 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   35 votes


The girls were cutting up naked pictures for their sex education class. They were looking at all these pictures of sexy naked ladies that made them very horny. They started by getting into a pinch fight that turned into them cutting each others clothes with their scissors. First, they all ganged up on Sammie and cut up all her clothes. They revealed her juicy tits and sweet pussy. Then they paired up and began cutting off each others clothes. It was only a matter of time before they were all naked and playing with each others wet pussies.

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Luck Of The Irish

March 21st, 2008 · No Comments

* * * *   25 votes


St. Patricks Day came and went unfortunately. The girls and I had a blast. Especially when we met Devi. I can spot a hottie from a mile a way. Lucky for you guys I like to share. Check out the St. Patties Day fun we had back at the house.

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I Heart Pussy

February 17th, 2008 · 2 Comments

* * * *   25 votes


Molly has invited Yevanne to come over and hang out at Valentines Day. Her boyfriend has just left her so [Read more →]

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