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Stockings Videos

All Hail the Anal Queen

April 20th, 2009 · 3 Comments

* * * ½   47 votes

Have you met Bobbi Star before? As a pornstar she’s made a name for herself doing anal scenes and any fame she’s garnered is well earned. She is a hot piece of ass that loves a good, hard, deep fuck and she will let a man pound her naughty hole all he wants if he asks nicely. The hot scene she’s in today comes from Big Wet Butts and it starts with her wearing a sexy sundress and looking through her refrigerator. She can’t think of what she’s hungry for at first…but then it comes to her: a big fat dick! She wants a cock and she’ll do anything to get it up into that tight asshole of hers.

The luscious video shows her doing everything she can to arouse those of us in the audience and that includes a whole lot of looking at her big ass. At one point she manages to hold an apple between her cheeks so you can imagine how good it would feel to have your dick in there. She changes into super hot black lingerie at one point and she’s just oozing arousal and horniness. Luckily there’s a dude with a big dick in the area and he’ll rescue her from the pit of desire and need she has fallen into. The hot slut sucks on his dick with her pretty mouth and then it’s into her butthole for some intense and powerful anal sex. Every inch fucks up into her and Bobbi Starr can’t wait to have more. She’s a total slut.

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First Time Lesbian Orgasm!

September 16th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * * ½ 35 votes


Innocent and cute Georgia Jones showed up thinking she was going to be doing a modeling job for Larin and Tiffany. The two of them have a long standing tradition of tricking sexy sluts into posing in naughty outfits for them and then seducing them for a hot lesbian threesome. Georgia is merely the latest in a long line of girls to fall for their lusty lesbian tricks. After she models the dress for them the girls have her take everything else off just to get a look at her body. She’s a little confused and reluctant at first but eventually it all comes off and we’re looking at what has to be one of the tightest, sexiest bodies around.
To make innocent Georgia more comfortable the other girls get naked too and from there you can guess what happens. There’s a little bit of body caressing and touching and then they convince Georgia to share a few kisses. Watching women make out is incredibly sensual and sexy and it’s just the start of the amazing party that is this hot lesbian threesome. Once Larin and Tiffany have Georgia loosened up a little they start working her over with one of them eating her pussy while the other sits on her face. It goes that way through most of the scene, although they take up several sexy positions and use toys as well. Georgia’s young pussy is one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen, I promise.
Lesbian Sex

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Repo Bitch

July 21st, 2008 · No Comments

* * * ½   31 votes


Wearing leather boots, sexy black stockings, a short black skirt and an arousing brown top Harmony Rose knocks on the door looking for the owner. She’s there to repossess some of their furniture as they’ve been late on the payments and it’s time to give it up. She’s going through the list of stuff that she’ll be taking away when she realizes that both of these guys are well known porn actors with big cocks.
It occurs to her that she might get the fuck of a lifetime out of them if she works out a deal. She tells them that if they let her dine on the thick cock meat in their shorts that they can keep their stuff a little longer. Considering how hot she looks it should come as no surprise that they’re eager to accept her proposal. Harmony is a good looking blonde babe and the outfit they have her in is drop dead gorgeous. I can’t get enough of it.
They’re on a big brown leather couch when the scene begins and we watch as she sucks one dude while the other fingers and licks her pussy. At one point the guys have her in the air between them with one dick in her pussy and one dick in her asshole. It’s a stunning achievement of balance and sexual imagination. Harmony is also quite the anal queen so they bang her asshole over and over throughout the video. The scene ends when they both dump hot loads of cum on her face and tits.
Mature Porn

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Big Old Tucci!

July 15th, 2008 · 2 Comments

* * * *   19 votes


The previous scene featured vaginal penetration only but that’s only half of what members of Big Wet Butts are entitled to. That’s why you really need to check out this scene that stars the beautiful Flower Tucci. She had her own site for a while and now she’s back working freelance and this chick is quite friendly with anal sex. She loves having a big dick in her tight asshole and as you can see a big loves being in her booty. Flower is wearing a sexy pink satin and black lace bra, panty, garter belt and stockings in the scene and she looks phenomenal.
She does a little solo action for us, crawling around on the floor and shaking that great ass. She also gets a bath in baby oil and then she and her man do a sixty nine that’s fabulous. Somewhere along the way Flower’s hair gets wet and that makes her look even sluttier than before. Her ass is glistening when the guy first slides his cock inside and they end up doing anal in so many different positions it’s mind boggling. The best is when she’s on top and they’re filming it from behind. They get in nice and tight and you can really see every inch of his dick move inside her.
Big Ass
Anal Porn

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Tags: Anal Porn · Big Dick · Blowjob · Free Porn Videos · Huge Ass · Small Tits · Stockings

Petra Pearl

June 14th, 2008 · 2 Comments

* * * *   34 votes


Petra Pearl is wearing hot pink fishnet pantyhose and a hot pink tank top and she looks foxy as hell. Under the hose is a pair of hot pink panties so it all matches. Her video update begins with a solo show where she shakes her booty for the camera and entices us to want to fuck her hot asshole. When the panties come off and the fishnets stay on it’s damn near the best part of the scene. Watching her sway back and forth will make you wish desperately that you were the man in the scene that gets to pound her tight hole.
Gang Bang
Before doing that he loosens her up with a butt plug, sliding it deep enough into her hole that her anal ring simply holds it there. He has a pretty thick dick so he wants to make sure that she can take the entire thing. Petra’s pretty pink lips suck his dick to get him super stiff and then it’s time for some hot fucking. He bangs her doggy style, with her on top, spooning and again in doggy style. In short, he takes her asshole in every imaginable position and he does it all without a condom. The scene finishes with his cum splashing into her mouth and down her throat.
Anal Porn

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Big Wet Butts - A Latina Butt With Bang

June 9th, 2008 · 4 Comments

* * * *   30 votes


The site is called Big Wet Butts because the girls have amazing asses and they always grease them up before the action gets hot and heavy. This hot scene stars Lorena Sanchez and she looks damn good in her red fishnet stockings, red panties and red tank top. She’s all slutted out and she’s shaking her booty for the audience when the scene begins. She wants to turn you on and she wants to get her man all hot and hard so he can fuck that sweet pussy of hers with his big, thick cock.
Big Ass
After the rump shaking the guy comes in with a bottle of baby oil and rubs it all over her amazing ass. There’s some butt slapping in there as well and when he’s done her can looks stunning. She takes everything off but her stockings and then gets to work on sucking his cock. Lorena is one of the best looking latina pornstars on the planet and she shows that she’s also immensely talented in the bedroom. Her blowjob has the desired result and next we see her getting fucked by his monster dong. The doggy style position is the hottest but if you’re all about the ass then you’ll want to see her on top.
Doggy Style Sex

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Forever Erect

May 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   27 votes


Cheyne came into the Doctor’s office with quite a problem. It seems he couldn’t get rid of his erection. Dr. Calogera took a good look at it but couldn’t deduct what was wrong, so she called in Dr. Dames. The two of them examined the patient together. They decided the only way to get rid of his erection was to suck and fuck the shit out of him. He didn’t seem to mind….
Uniform Porn
Group Sex

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Tags: Big Ass · Blowjob · Doggy Style Sex · Free Porn Clips · Group Sex · Hand Job · Huge Tits · Masturbation · Porn · Stockings · Uniform

Do Your Best!

April 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

* * * *   24 votes


Phoenix was having a bit of trouble with Ramon one of her salesman that work for her. She was about to let him go because of his attitude she said he was too cocky, like every woman wanted to sleep with him. Well she must have been right because she wanted to also so Ramon served her like a waiter in a 5 start restaurant and she finished every course.
Big Tits
Office Sex

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2 Anal Queens In The Most Incredible Squirting & Fisting Movie EVER!

April 19th, 2008 · 46 Comments

* * * *   91 votes


Always great to see a new site up from the guys at PerfectGonzo. This time we have FistFlush, which one would assume is all about fisting! Luckily for us, we have great potential in this flick with Bonnie, the MILF anal queen, and Britney, a teen anal queen. One can only guess what is in store as the movie opens with these two hotties sitting side by side.
Bonnie makes Britney choke her and slap her face. Britney’s top comes down soon after to reveal lovely ample breasts. The girls take turns spitting on each other’s faces and there’s some spanking too. Britney starts sucking on Bonnie’s nipples and rubbing her pussy. Bonnie lays down on the couch and Britney wastes no time eating that cunt up and fingering her until she squirts all over the place.
Britney’s leather pants come down and Bonnie starts eating out this cutie’s asshole. Lots of nice views of Britney’s ass here as Bonnie rims her and licks her pussy. Bonnie then gets a rather large dildo which she shoves in and out of Britney’s slit pretty forcefully. This small girl can really take it! It’s pulled out and both girls suck on it, tasting Britney’s juices. Britney again fingers Bonnie until she squirts, this time all over her mouth! Very sexy.
We then get what this site is all about, Bonnie in spoon, and Britney taking her fist and shoving it right up her ass! This is incredible stuff, as Britney moves that hand of hers in and out of Bonnie’s butthole. Before long, she uses her left hand to fist Bonnie’s pussy. That’s right, double fisting time! As she pulls out of her pussy, Bonnie lets loose another stream of ejaculate for our viewing pleasure.

It’s Britney’s turn now. She’s laying on her back, and Bonnie spreads her cunt wide to allow her fist access. The fisting commences, but we get another twist as the dildo from earlier is brought back and put in as well! Amazing! Her hole must be stretched to the max.
Bonnie then gets some more anal fisting, and this time gets DPd as Britney takes the dildo and puts it in her twat. And yes, Bonnie squirts again. The scene’s last shot is Britney getting vaginally fisted while on her back on a lounge chair, Bonnie really gives it to her good. They kiss and it fades to black.
It’s gonna be tough to top this scene as this site evolves. Anal fisting, double fisting, DP fisting, this one had it all. Two wonderful performers stretching their boundaries.
Great start.

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Tags: Anal Porn · Big Ass · Big Boobs · Blonde · Double Penetration · Fisting · Free Porn Movies · MILF · Squirt · Stockings · Toys

A Welcomed Distraction

April 2nd, 2008 · 15 Comments

* * * *   74 votes


You know when you’re at work, and you don’t want to be there, but you know the only way to make the day go by faster is to just sit at your desk and become as completely engulfed in your work as possible. Well I was having one of those days, only I had this girl constantly pestering me with instant messages..”how was your weekend?” “what did you do?”, and so on and so forth. I told her to leave me alone, as nicely as I could because I was trying to work, of course, she didn’t get the message.Then, she started sending me pictures of herself one more provocative then the next, but for some reason, I still wasn’t in the mood to talk. She even sent me nudes,but I felt nothing. It was obvious she was determined to get my attention, because the next thing she did was go into the bathroom at work. She took a nude picture of herself in the office bathroom.This got my attention.To make a long story short, we fucked each others brains out in a stall in the men’s bathroom.I should mention, she followed me in there and caught me jerkin off in the stall.What can I say, that last picture got to me. I’m only human,and damn she’s hot. I mean there are milfs, and then there are MILFS! If only all Mondays could be like this. Work wouldn’t be so bad.

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