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Michelle & Ashlyn!

June 29th, 2010 · No Comments

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Name: Michelle & Ashlyn
Ages: 18 Years Old
Relationship Status: Single
Hometowns: Los Angeles, CA
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Michelle and Ashlyn were practicing their dance routine when they wanted to take a break from exercising their bodies to exercising their teen pussies! You haven’t lived till you fucked 2 limber and flexible 18 year old sluts!

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Tags: Blonde · Brunette · Group Sex · Small Tits · Teen Sex

Daddy’s Credit Card

September 30th, 2008 · 10 Comments

* * * *   40 votes


Andrea’s parents are out of town and the 18 year old slut is hanging out with her friend Michelle and the girls are considering doing something very naughty. They were just discussing how they’re both hungry for dick and Andrea happens to know of a male escort service that specializes in guys with huge cocks. They grab her dad’s credit card and give the agency a call, ordering up a man with a massive dong to come over and fuck them silly. Have I mentioned how utterly adorable both these girls are? The thought of spending a few hours with them is arousing so the idea of getting to fuck them is enough to make any dick hard.
After the guy arrives the ladies pull him into the teen themed bedroom (lots of pink!) and pulls off his pants. He seems a little overwhelmed at first because the girls are so damn feverish about playing with his monster schlong. As soon as he feels the first teen mouth wrap around his cock that all goes away and he simply relaxes and lets the sluts do their work. The girls get him hard and then take turns riding him, helping each other out along the way and letting his tongue do a little work on their teen pussies as well. His dick is as big as advertised and although you might imagine the girls would have trouble taking such a large member he eventually gets balls deep inside both teen pussies.
Group Teen Sex

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2 Of The Hottest Real 18 y.o. Girls You Will Ever See!!

August 20th, 2008 · 3 Comments

* * * *   40 votes


Kenzi and Britney are both 18 years old and they look surprisingly similar. It’s stunning, really. They both have big fake tits, long blonde hair in pigtails, big smiles and bodies that are tighter than anything you’ve ever seen. The girls are hanging out in the backyard in one of those inflatable pools and both are wearing sexy bikinis. It seems like they’re going for a super youthful look and they’ve certainly achieved it. Usually huge tits make it hard for a girl to look really young but they seem to have avoided that problem. Wouldn’t you like to fuck these teen sluts with your big cock?
The great thing about this hardcore teen sex scene is that we get to see the girls fool around with each other and then with a well hung dude. They start with a little flirtatious kissing and tit sucking before the guy comes into the backyard and takes a seat, inviting the girls to feast on his dick in the process. That’s not something these two teen sluts can pass on so they go to work on him. When they’re both sucking on his balls it’s mind blowingly hot but it only gets better. He gets a chance to fuck both babes, penetrating their tight pussies with his fat cock. In between the fuck sessions we see plenty of dick sucking, ass licking, teen pussy fingering and more.
Busty Teens

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Jessica Dalton Had Her First Threesome!

August 13th, 2008 · No Comments

* * * *   34 votes


Priscilla and John are a married couple and when the video starts we see them fooling around on the couch. She looks great in her little black skirt and tight top and I have no doubt his big dick is hard as he runs his hands over her sexy body and dreams about driving his cock into her wet pussy. Just as they’re about to take things to the next level the doorbell rings. John gets up and finds a cute blonde standing there; it’s as if the gods have sent her to the couple.
Her name is Jessica and she’s trying to raise money for a school field trip. They bring her into the living room and instantly husband and wife are thinking the same thing. They want to know what it’s going to take to get this chick naked and playing naughty with them. She really just wants to sell a few magazines and they agree to buy in exchange for a threesome. Thus begins and amazing sexual journey for the three of them.
They inspect her body as they take her clothes off and then the girls get on their knees and share John’s cock. They both have a few licks and then Priscilla gets up so she can watch the young blonde really suck him deep. From there it’s all about fucking and the ladies share his cock until they’ve both been satisfactorily fucked. I’m sure you’ll agree that the teen pussy pumping is the hottest part of the hardcore video.
Threesome Sex

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Tags: Big Boobs · Blonde · Blowjob · Brunette · Free Porn Clips · Group Sex · Small Tits · Teen Sex

Sleepy Veronique Dreams Of Cum

July 30th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * ½   32 votes


The lovely Veronique Vega is lying in bed sleeping when her boyfriend walks in and pulls the cover from her. There’s nothing more beautiful and innocent looking than a sleeping woman. Some guys are struck with a desire to protect the girl while others, like this guy, are struck by the urge to fuck her. While she’s still sleeping he takes advantage of her, first showing us her sexy body in her lovely bra and panty set.
He plays with her nipples and squeezes her titties and she does a little bit of fingering too. It’s good times for everybody involved. His dick is growing as he does all of this and when it’s about half hard he pulls it out and rubs it on her face. Throughout she’s soundly sleeping, oblivious to everything going on around her. That’s the way he likes it. Veronique is no stranger to porn and it appears as though she sucks cock in her sleep. Just watch as she opens her mouth and tries to suck him down.
After he gets hard using her sleeping mouth he slides between her legs and pushes his dick into her pussy. He pumps her hard, fucking her snatch deep and making her moan like the tasty slut that she is. The sex is good, if quiet. He doesn’t want to make too much noise and wake her up but he’s having a hard time keeping his pleasure contained. She wakes up afterward with a funny feeling between her legs and a smile no her face.

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Don’t U Just Luv It When Your 20 y.o. Maid Forgot To Put On Her Panties This Morning?

July 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

* * * *   27 votes


One of the things they’re fond of at Pure POV is putting the girls in costumes. This hot scene starring Missy is a good example of that. They have her dressed as a slutty maid and you can’t tell me you don’t want to fuck a hot chick in a maid’s uniform. Everyone wants to! Today the naughty maid conveniently forgot to wear her panties so when she bends over her boss sees her hot pussy and her cute little asshole. As it turns out you’re the boss today because this entire video is shot POV style.
For those that don’t know POV means point of view. Basically the guy is holding the camera while he’s doing all the fucking. Today the slutty maid is going about her business as you watch and when you notice her lack of panties you can’t help but mention it. She gives you a naughty smile and a wink and you take that to mean she’d like a little help with her pleasure problem. Maybe your cock can give her the orgasm she’s been searching for.
To help that process along she gives you a blowjob, swallowing your thick meat while she looks up at you with those beautiful eyes so full of lust. That gets you hard in no time and then you’ve got her on the table with your cock in her tight pussy. Doggy style sex follows and then she gets naked and takes a long, lovely ride on your meat. Finally she has you cum in her mouth so she can swallow your tasty protein.
POV Blowjob
POV Porn

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Cream Of The Crop!

July 16th, 2008 · No Comments

* * * *   10 votes


Carmen is a little more exotic and it’s just as fun watching her tight teen body be violated by a big cock. Like the other scene this one begins with the cutie talking to the guy behind the camera and doing a striptease. She’s wearing a cute pink top and skintight black shorts and soon it’s all on the ground so she can finger her tight hole and grope her big tits.
Her blue eyes are remarkable and they star in both her picture gallery and her video. It’s best when she’s sucking a fat cock and looking up into the camera. She seems so innocent and so naughty all at the same time and you know that’s a look we can all appreciate. Eventually she and the guy get to fucking and her 18 year old pussy is a warm and wet tunnel for his cock to explore over and over again. He bones the sweet slut hard and she has nothing but moans of pleasure for him, begging for it harder. A cum facial is how the scene finishes.
Teen Blowjob
Teen Sex

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Tags: Big Dick · Free Porn Vids · Natural Tits · Porn · Teen Sex · Tight Pussy

Hailey’s 18th Birthday

July 9th, 2008 · 3 Comments

* * * *   14 votes


It’s Hailey’s birthday and her friends got her a clown. Sure, she’s a little old for that but she seems thrilled and she doesn’t even know the best part of the gift. Under that clown suit is the biggest cock she’s ever seen. You see, Hailey has been complaining to her friends that she hasn’t had a huge cock in months and that her pussy really needs to be filled with rock hard cock. They found this guy in the adult classifieds and after doing a dance for Hailey asks if she’d like to unwrap her present.
She’s not sure what he means at first but when he grabs his crotch and shows her the thick present that waits inside her eyes get wide and her mouth waters. In mere seconds he’s down to his wig and face paint and her hand is gripping the shaft of his cock. Her mouth is going to work too, licking the underside of his sensitive head and drawing moans from him.
Hailey gives great head and soon her clown lover is sporting a rock hard dick and he’s ready to give her the ultimate birthday gift. He fucks her in every position he can imagine and she loves them all. My favorite is when he picks her up and slides into her asshole from behind. He basically rocks her on his cock, letting her bounce over and over. She’s a tiny girl so she can’t weigh all that much, which makes his job a hell of a lot easier.
Teen Sex

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Tags: Anal Porn · Blowjob · Free Porn Vids · Huge Cock · Small Tits · Teen Sex · Tight Ass

A Curvacious Teen With A Bubble Butt

June 30th, 2008 · 2 Comments

* * * *   26 votes


The great thing about these All Internal scenes is that they always begin with a solo show. They want you to be exceptionally turned on by the time the actual hardcore sex begins so they have her get in front of the camera and do her sluttiest dance. Cloe is wearing a sexy pair of plaid stockings with a matching garter belt and panties and her ass looks fantastic as she waves it in front of the camera and gives her cheeks a few hard slaps.
Her tits are natural and perky and she has the lips of a cocksucking queen. I wonder if she’s going to prove her cocksucking talents. Hell yes she is! Cloe is actually hooking up with two guys in this scene and they both take liberties with her mouth and pussy. Like many of the movies at All Internal this one is a little bit rough, with Cloe being used like the hot slut that she is. The guys don’t really have much concern for her beyond the desire to get off inside her.
My favorite part of the action comes with Cloe lying on her back. One of the guys is pounding her pussy hard (I mean really hard) while the other is above her mouth driving his cock into her throat. He’s using it just like a pussy without a care for any of the gagging she’s doing. He just wants to cum. As you’d expect from a site named All Internal this one features a sticky cumshot in her pussy. After he’s blown his load the camera zooms in tight and we watch the liquid leak out.
Anal Sex

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Sweet Snatch

June 13th, 2008 · 4 Comments

* * * *   13 votes


What is it that you love about teenage babes? For me it’s all about the tightness of the body and the beauty of youth. An 18 year old girl has none of the sagging that often plagues older women; instead she’s tight all around and you can rest assured that the ladies of Pure 18 are the tightest around. Britney is a cute blonde 18 year old and she is a perfect example of the kind of women they bring in to fuck every week at this hot site. She has a sweet smile, a cute short haircut and an ass that will drive you wild with desire.
Her scene begins with an interview/striptease where she laughs for the camera, shows off her hot body and then plays with her tight pussy. It’s when she shows her ass that the video hits a high point but it’s not the only one you’re going to see. The blonde cutie gives a great blowjob and it’s filmed so you can see her hot tits while she’s sucking dick. The guy has an exceptionally large cock and watching it slide into her tight teen pussy doggy style was my favorite part of the scene. What’s your favorite part?
Teen Porn

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