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Teens Like It Big - The Cheating Test!

May 9th, 2008 · 9 Comments

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Ashli went to a lot of trouble to put together this super cute and youthful outfit for her boyfriend and he rejected it. He said she looked like a schoolgirl… but that was the point! She thought he’d like her sexy young look and when he didn’t she was crushed. He even yelled at her to change into something else. What’s a young babe supposed to do? It should come as no surprise that Ashli simply sat in her pink bedroom and pouted. After a few minutes her boyfriend sent in Will, a buddy of his, to rustle her up and out.
She told Will her sob story and he was sympathetic. He thinks she looks great. In fact, he thinks she looks so good that his cock is growing in his pants and he’d love for her to do something about it. The thing is his cock is pretty fucking big and if she’s not careful it might split her open. She’s actually flattered that he’s chubbed up thanks to her and she eagerly swallows his dong. There’s a little choking and gagging but eventually he’s hard enough to fuck that tight teen pussy of hers. What a lucky girl :)

Another great scene:
Teen Sex
Lexy and Deena are in the bedroom in front of a laptop. The ladies are browsing a new adult dating website and looking specifically for guys with the biggest cocks. They find a dude named Jordan with what looks like nine inches of ridiculously thick meat and they send an invite for an afternoon of pleasure. He accepts and while the girls are waiting for him to arrive they engage in a bit of lesbian play, taking off their clothes and kissing a little. The scene is off to a very good start.
When he shows up the girls take turns seeing who can suck his dick the best. They both try to deepthroat him and they both gag and choke a little, which should come as no surprise. Just look at how big that dick is when it’s hard! These teen sluts want to feel that big cock in their hot pussies and Jordan is keen on that experience too. Everyone gets naked and the girls both get banged doggy style while eating pussy at the same time. Is there anything finer than a girl getting banged hard and munching box at the same time? The answer is no my friends.

Not enough? Well, enjoy this video.
Teen Porn
It’s Madison’s birthday and her friends have gotten her a fabulous gift. They found Ramon on the internet and it was his enormous cock that got him the job of birthday surprise. They have him wrapped in a big box and when Madison gets there he jumps out with his cock already half hard and ready to be pleasured. The birthday girl is reluctant to swallow that monster dong at first but her friends push her towards his meat and it looks so big and delicious that eventually she relents and swallows it down.
While her girlfriends watch Madison tries to deepthroat the cock and with some success. He’s awfully thick and long so it wouldn’t really be possible to get him all the way down but she’s still a world class cocksucker. Sucking dick excites her and when he’s hard she really wants him to fuck her pussy. Considering how beautiful and sexy the teenager is he’s not about to turn that down. :) He gives her pussy the deep and hard banging it needs and she lets him cum on her pretty face. It’s the best birthday party she’s ever had.

I got all these pics and videos at this great site. Teens Like it Big is home to fabulously beautiful and sexy teenage babes and exceptionally well hung guys. This is more than just a hardcore sex site (not much more, but a little). Every scene features an interesting story to help you get just a little more interested in the action. You may not think you like plot in your porn but it definitely increases the overall arousal factor; trust me! Obviously the most important element of the site is the size of the dicks that are fucking these tasty teen sluts.
As with most big dick sites they know here that the cock has to be thick as well as long. Therefore you’ll see at least eight inches of length and considerable girth with every piece of man meat sliding into hot teen mouths and slick teen pussies. The girls suck dick voraciously and the hardcore sex is hot. There are quite a few threesomes too with the ladies competing to see who can suck dick the best. In the end we’re all winners because we get to watch.
Teens Like it Big

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